Grew up in Hong Kong and attained his formal training in cinematography in New York, Jack has taken a path that is defined by a mix of cultural influences. His work as cinematographer has taken him all over the world shooting in Europe, Asia, and throughout America. He constantly draws inspirations from places he travels, as it is evident in his unconventional approach in his cameraworks.

Jack's works were featured on Showtime, MTV Channel, as well as major international film festivals like Cannes and the Golden Horse. His commercial clients include Cathay Pacific, Lenovo, Airbnb, and Alibaba.

Jack is currently based in Beijing and Hong Kong. His feature films in China are commercial successes, and he experimented with 3D camera technology in his feature film "The Mirror 3D". His latest period drama TV series "Feareless Whispers" receives nation-wide attention and is known for its craftmanship in cinematography.

Jack is a graduate of Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where he received two Excellence in Cinematography Awards. He then further pursued his craft at the prestigious FAMU conservatory in Czech Republic.

How should I frame for loneliness?

How can I light a broken heart?

Why fear becomes most intense when the least is shown on screen?

Questions like these have always intrigued me because I believe being a cinematographer means finding ways to photograph emotions.

- Jack -